Facebook Policy

First, please know that I’m grateful for every reader I get … even those who violently disagree with me and wish me a painful, desolate demise. Whether you bless me or damn me, I thank God for you, dear reader.

I would like to build connections with my readers. However, right now I’m not “friending” anyone on Facebook that I don’t know personally or through someone I do know.

The big reason is that I’m still not sure how FB can play a role in my work, other than through the “like” and “share” buttons. Currently, I’m on FB to help me maintain current relationships, on the understanding that it doesn’t replace face-to-face contact, email or telephone conversations—it’s not the same, and will never be a replacement for these things. And I’m sure you really don’t care if I’m playing “Mahjong Titans” or doing my laundry right now (yawn).

I have created a fan page for Outside the Asylum, through which I also publish pages for The Impractical Catholic. Please feel free to "like" or "share" me. You can also follow me on Twitter. And, again, thank you for reading me!