Monday, September 26, 2011

Hatred of homosexuals betrays Christ

On August 26th, Stacy Trasancos wrote “Can’t Even Go to the Park”, a modest little grump about homosexual PDAs that, due to some ill-meaning gay activists, suddenly went viral. It may not have been the most charitable thing ever written, but as gripes go it was pretty mild.

The same can’t be said for much of the international reaction. The forces of love and tolerance have inflicted upon her an international virtual blanket party, a worldwide vomit of unbalanced hatred completely unmerited by what she wrote.

As of this writing, the post itself has had 975 comments, the vast majority of them running from the merely pained to the viciously foul to the “Nurse, get me one hundred milligrams of thorazine STAT!” level of pure looniness. One charming example: “What a c**t. I hope her children are kidnapped, raped, and murdered. It would be better than having them grow up with such a twisted f**k for a mother!”

Worse than that, though, are all the LGBTQ apologists who have put on the mask of sober rationality to say, “Well, yes, such reactions are extreme and hard to condone, but you asked for it, you hateful b***h!” Or: “It’s only the natural frustration of people who have been oppressed by Christian bigots for two millennia.”

And it goes on. Nary a post goes up on her blog on any subject but some intrepid band of screamers (as a cousin of mine, who is gay himself, calls them) must recycle the hate-fest. Yesterday, Stacy wrote a big “thank you” to her husband and DaTechGuy for standing up for her on the radio, which included this statement:

That post was not about anyone else, and I make no apology for putting concern for my children before concern for the desires of other grown-ups. I am a mother to my children first, and I have learned firsthand from my own poor choices that when children grow up confused, it hurts them. I already apologized if the post was not charitable; it was the result of years of frustration, and it is not how I usually write [emphasis mine.—TL]. But sometimes I feel as if remaining silent is like painting the porch while the house is burning down.

Sure enough, out came the same tired rationales, the same bad history and science, the same frighteningly lopsided view of freedom of speech. But in the midst of it, Stacy managed to connect with a gay man, to get him to share his story about the daughter he and his partner adopted — that she had had rotten eggs thrown at her and been teased unmercifully for the sins of her legal parents.

Now, granted for all my fellow Catholic bloggers, the state (or country, as the man is not an American) should not have allowed him and his “husband” to adopt, in the best interests of the little girl. As I’ve noted before, there is such a thing as a “just discrimination”; also as I’ve said before, no one has a “right” to a child, as if she were a car or a telephone. But that’s not the point of this post.

I’m sure another day I’ll write at least one more jeremiad about Gay Brownshirt cyber-bullying, about the fascist, hypocritical attempts to shut down Christian opposition to the LGBTQ agenda through one-sided definitions of bullying and the introduction of new devil-terms such as “heterosexism”. I may even write another post about emotional blackmail and spoiled-brat whining. That’s not today.

My focus today is on the false disciples of Christ. The ones who teach their children to gang up on outsiders. The ones who translate their disapproval of a person’s lifestyle into assaults on that person’s children. The ones who continue to hate homosexuals for being “fags” despite Christ’s clear teaching to love even those who persecute you: “For if you love those who love you, what reward have you? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? And if you salute only your brethren, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same” (Mt 5:46-47)?

Debates over whether sexual orientation is biologically inherent or socially created often obscure the important fact that people don’t aspire to same-sex attraction as they aspire to bravery, honesty or wit. The fact that anti-homosexual discrimination doesn’t explain all the gay persons’ tendency to be self-destructive doesn’t change the fact that it does explain some of it. The fact that some gay kids commit suicide for reasons other than being bullied doesn’t change the fact that some kill themselves for precisely that reason.

Hatred doesn’t change hearts or minds, let alone sexual orientation. Hatred twists and shreds, rather than heals, the wounded soul. Hatred sets the soul apart not as just and upright but as unjust and unmerciful. Hatred is human weakness pretending to be strength. Hatred is the refusal to recognize God’s gift of dignity to each person, a refusal to recognize God’s love for all humanity.

If there’s any valid edge to the homosexuals’ agenda, it would be to raise our consciousness of the various un-Christian ways in which gay people have been hurt and harassed over the years. You don’t need to agree to same-sex marriage or gay adoption in order to concede that point or to decry that fact.

To be sure, none of the indignities homosexuals have suffered justify the vile, abusive way Stacy Trasancos has been treated this last month. Certainly, hoping her children are kidnapped, raped and killed are no evidence of sanity or a superior moral code.

But while we are blessed when we suffer for Christ’s sake (Mt 5:11-12), to make gay people suffer gains us no heavenly credit. To punish their children for their parents’ sin is an even greater injustice.

We’re Christians. To hate is to betray our Master. We can’t decry gay bullies while ignoring the mistreatment of gays: “Do to others as you would have them do to you” (Lk 6:31 NIV).