Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Breaking the spell of Planned Parenthood

Some months ago, while discussing the cognitive dissonance infecting the pro-choice ranks and the “Lies and Lila Rose” issue, I got the sense that we were on the verge of a watershed event in the pro-life battle, that the supporters of the Great Western Atrocity were on the edge of a cascade failure. “As Saletan and other pro-choice advocates continue to struggle with their cognitive dissonance, ugly truths about abortion that NARAL and their intellectual puppets at the Alan Guttmacher Institute have tried so desperately to squelch continue to surface. I predict … that this will eventually trigger a series of revelations about Planned Barrenhood that the MSM won’t be able to ignore.”

Despite the questionable ethics of entrapment journalism, the fact remains that LiveAction’s videos shattered Planned Barrenhood’s façade of concern for women. Then came the revelation of Kermit Gosnell’s “little shop of horrors” and the fact that the Pennsylvania Department of Health “literally licensed Gosnell’s criminally dangerous behavior”. Then Virginia passed a health bill requiring abortion clinics to meet the same safety standards of hospitals, forcing opponents to defend access at the cost of appearing hypocritical about women’s health.

Now, Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-FL), chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Investigations, has written a letter to Planned Barrenhood president Cecile Richards, asking her “to comply with current federal regulations and legal obligations by providing Congress with a wide range of documents within two weeks of the date of the letter,” according to LifeNews.

The other shoe has finally dropped.

The letter is the first public step in a Congressional investigation into PB’s financial activities and its handling of abuses such as those the LiveAction team documented. The mainspring for the HCOI’s investigation is a report created by Americans United for Life, using public and FOIA-accessed facts alleging:

  • Misuse of federal health care and family planning funds;
  • Failure to report criminal child sexual abuse;
  • Failure to comply with parental involvement laws;
  • Assisting those engaged in prostitution and/or sex trafficking;
  • Dangerous misuse of the abortion drug RU-486;
  • Misinformation about so-called “emergency contraception,” including ella;
  • Willingness to provide women with inaccurate and misleading information; and
  • Willingness to refer to substandard clinics.

Of course, Planned Barrenhood denies the allegations, claiming that AUL “uses discredited, recycled and misleading claims” as part of “a politically driven attack by an organization opposed to birth control and expanded access to birth control”. This is where the TV-show cop usually says to the suspect, with a disarming smile, “Well, if none of this is true, then you have nothing to worry about by cooperating with our investigation.”

 However, the last year has also seen former employees of Planned Barrenhood, such as Abby Johnson, come forward with damning insider testimony, some of which is shown in the documentary Bloodmoney, public showings of which PB’s supporters have tried to suppress.

Nor is Stearns alone in Congress in demanding answers. Joining him are Renee Ellmers (R-NC), Randy Hultgren (R-IL), Doug Lamborn (R-CO), Chris Smith (R-NJ) and Bill Huizenga (R-MI). While the Democrats have bound themselves hand and foot to the abortion industry, it’s to be remembered that they’re politicians first and foremost; the more the inner workings and deception of Planned Barrenhood are exposed, the more Democrats who will try to jump the train wreck.

But, I wonder, will it all really come out? Will it be revealed how NARAL deliberately inflated the number of known deaths from “back-alley abortions” back in the Seventies to sell legal abortions as “safe”? Will it be revealed how little tracking there is of patients post-abortion for complications and health effects? Will anyone effectively question the motives of PB in boosting sex education and contraceptives, to demonstrate that the real intent was to increase teen sexual activity, therefore increasing incidences of pregnancy and demand for abortion services?

Will the media cover the investigation or ignore it? If they do cover it, will they use on the witnesses the unflattering, demonizing camera angles they used on Robert Bork, or the flattering, heroic angles they used on Oliver North? Will they highlight damning evidence, squelch it or explain it away? My guess is that they’ll play three monkeys as long as possible, in the hope the investigation dies from lack of interest. [At the time of this writing, 9:11 PM CDT, neither MSNBC, CNN nor Fox had released the story on their websites.]

However, the spell is broken. (“Behold a god who bleeds!” jeered the medicine man Salish in the Star Trek episode “The Paradise Syndrome” … nothing strange to those of us who bow before the Crucifix, but it might be odd to other cultures.) If nothing else remains a constant, I rest confident in the MSM’s tendency to eat those who once were heroes. Put a little blood in the water, and the sharks will find the body.

Matthew Archbold lets us know that liberals are already protesting, linking to a letter by Reps. Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Diana DeGette (D-CO). In the letter, Waxman and DeGette state that “The HHS Inspector General and state Medicaid programs regularly audit Planned Parenthood and report publicly on their findings. These audits have not identified any pattern of misuse of federal funds, illegal activity, or other abuse that would justify a broad and invasive congressional investigation.”

Of course not. Just like the Pennsylvania Department of Health found nothing wrong with Kermit Gosnell’s abortion mill. Okay, people, nothing to see here, as Officer Barbrady would say.

Of course it’s all politics — on both sides of the fence. For there are significant political and financial incentives for keeping Planned Barrenhood going and growing. Anybody who believes Margaret Sanger’s successors are in it purely for altruistic, humanitarian reasons is fooling herself.

In the meantime, though, you can thank Rep. Stearns for beginning the process and to encourage him to continue. [H/T to Tom Peters for the link.]

We’ve waited a long time for this.