Friday, November 6, 2009

Love and tolerance in the Pine Tree State

Maine Proposition 1 should have lost, by many people’s reckoning. Its opponents had clear advantages in funding and media support, as well as the same legal targeting that their coevals in California used during the Prop 8 fight there. (They lost there, as well. Isn’t insanity defined as “doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result”?) And Maine has been a “blue” state as long as such a color has been used to tag liberal/Democrat-leaning states.

Instead, it won. By a six-point margin. Not a landslide, by any means, but certainly enough of a margin to stun those who confidently expected gay marriage to remain legal.

Of course, the gay lobby immediately blamed the Catholic Church. “It is time to acknowledge that the Catholic church hierarchy can no longer pretend that it isn't the active enemy of gay people and our families,” Andrew Sullivan thundered. “That this church hierarchy—especially in its more conservative wing—is disproportionately gay itself and waging war against their fellow gays through the cowardly veil of the closet, is not new.” [Yeah, as lies and wishful thinking go, this particular charge is pretty old.] “But it is, as we flinch with the sting of defeat, harder to take than ever. It is time to demand that gay priests who are actively fighting against the dignity of gay people own their enmeshment in injustice, stigmatization and cruelty. It is time to reveal them in this respect as the enemies of the Gospels, not the champions.”