Saturday, October 18, 2008

Invest With Harrah's

I spoke to a customer, in my role as a customer service rep for a major home lender, who was extremely irate. You see, the web site wouldn’t allow him to make a payment because it asked him why his payment was late. The answers it permitted didn’t include as an option the response: “Your f——g company caused the whole g———d economy to go into a f——g tailspin, and I lost most of my d——d money due to the fluctuations of the g———d stock market because of it!”

Because my professionalism (and my tenure) depends on my not making caustic replies to overheated emotional vomit, I couldn’t respond, “Sir, if you really attribute the current economic problems to my company’s investment in subprime home loans, you should probably leave stock investment to the professionals. No matter what the President said, it’s just not that simple.”